My Pre-Internship experience began in October. I was placed in a grade two classroom at Douglas Park School. I am not going to lie, I was completely TERRIFIED. I am used to working in a daycare with preschool aged children. At the daycare I work in, the grade two’s are old and scary and seem to run the place. This was NOT the experience I had in a school setting. When I arrived in the grade two classroom, I was welcomed with so many warm hugs and “hello’s”. They were all so cute! Teaching was quite a shock to me in the beginning. Considering I was just learning (and still am) I was very nervous to be in front of 25 seven year olds. I was constantly looking at my lesson plan to remember what to say next and what I needed to cover. On the 8th week of my pre-internship, I was finally getting confident and comfortable. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our class until March. I did build relationships with the students over the eight weeks I was there, however I had to take a lengthy break in between these eight weeks and my three week block.

Being in a classroom every Wednesday for eight weeks was obviously MUCH different than doing a three week block. When I went back to the school for my three week block, it felt like I had to start from scratch all over again. I knew the students and knew little things about each one, but not really. I noticed that in the first few days of teaching, I resorted back to using my lesson plans as a script and being nervous.

This three week block has taught me a tremendous amount. I was able to build strong relationships with every student. I noticed by the end of my three week block, students were coming up to me throughout the day to tell me something about an idea that the student and I had bonded over. I would say that a good chunk of the relationships were built from the love of sharks that the students and I shared.

I set three goals for myself before I went to into my pre-internship. My three goals included: classroom management, building relationships, and organization. I actually reached all three of these goals. I built amazing relationships with the students in my classroom. I also build a wonderful relationship with my cooperating teacher. I was able to talk with more of the other teachers and staff during this three week block, so I was able to build relationships with them as well. As for classroom management, I feel that I did as best as could have when I only teach one lesson per day for three weeks. The students definitely tried to test me and give me a hard time, but I feel that I handled the management quite well and was able to achieve this goal as well. My last goal was organization. Keeping myself organized was definitely challenging for me. Even though I only did one lesson per day for three weeks, I felt a little overwhelmed because I was not organized. I would take the time to make sure everything was organized at the end of each day, which was new for me. I think that getting organized at the end of each day was a huge leap for me, so I would say that I achieved this goal as well. Organization is a goal that I will surely take into my internship.

Unfortunately, once I really started to build on the relationships and also get more comfortable with teaching, my pre-internship came to an end. It was truly an amazing experience that I will carry with me throughout my career. I had a wonderful opportunity to have such an amazing group of students and also an extremely supportive cooperating teacher.

I am excited to see what internship brings!