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ECMP 355

My Digital Identity…

When told to Google myself during class, I had a minor heart attack. I was definitely afraid of what might pop up. Not that I post anything inappropriate or mean, I just did not want to be reminded of the statuses I posted to Facebook back in grade 9. Fortunately, those statuses were not what popped up. Basically, when I Google myself, my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress websites come up. I am private on most of these social media platforms anyways, so I feel as though I don’t need to worry too much. When I Google Image myself, there are a few pictures of me, like four at most. The majority of the other images are of Hedley. Which I can say I am proud of, as I have been the biggest Hedley fan since I was in grade three. I’m assuming that the Hedley pictures are ones that I have posted or Pinned somewhere.

As for being a future teacher, I would not say that I am too worried about what my students or colleagues would be able to find. I have never posted anything inappropriate or hateful. There may be some things that are embarrassing to myself, as I was a child when I posted them, but nothing that I could get in trouble for or questioned about. I will obviously work on getting rid of the posts that my grade nine self posted, but I am not too worried about what is on the internet.

In Which Way Are We Participating?

The new culture of participation is definitely different from what I am used to, and from what I grew up with. In Wesch’s video that we watched, it involved people from all over the world singing and dancing to the same song. Although this technically is active participating, I feel as though it isn’t. When people are uploading videos of themselves singing or dancing to the song, they are participating, but maybe not in a meaningful way. From my own experiences of people I know, when there are opportunities to participate online like this, it doesn’t always go the way it should. I know many people who participate in these ideas by uploading videos for the attention, for the likes, and because it is the trend at that time. Basically to fit in and be noticed. For my future classroom, I feel as though this may be a good way of participation for those who are too shy or uncomfortable to speak or do a task in front of the class. Unfortunately, many children are more confident behind a screen, so this could work. It would also be a good lesson as to learning about what ‘real’ participation could be and what ‘attention seeking’ could be. In my opinion, these ideas are good to get people from all over the world to interact and come together, however, in many cases it is for the ‘likes’ and attention. As for schools in general, again, this could be used to get everyone involved. I personally do not think that this would be the best possible way to get everyone involved, but considering how far technology is progressing, this may be a good way to encourage participation in the near future.

I Think I Found Another Cool Website

This week I decided to try out Adobe Spark. I have never even heard of this website until now. When I first got onto this website, I was given three options. To make a video post, social post, or a page for web stories. I decided to check out the social posts first. From there, there are several other options to make a picture collage, invitation cards, greeting cards, posters, etc. The first thing that caught my eye was the picture collage. I just made a quick one of pictures I took in Banff (shown below). The picture collage was very easy to do. You just clicked on the squares and inserted a picture there. I was not a fan of the fact that you could only choose one picture at once though. I had to continue going into my library to find all the pictures. I then went into the Page category and made my own page (I wasn’t sure what to write about so I apologize for that useless story about me meeting stingrays). I really liked this category because it was SO easy to use and create your own page.

I think that these tools would be extremely useful for teachers in many ways. The two tools that I tried out would be helpful to myself I think. Teachers could use the collage tool to make collages of pictures from the classroom. You are able to title and date all of the collages and also add as many pictures as you want. These could be sent home to parents or even printed off and showcased in the classroom as a way to show everyone what is happening in class. As for the page, you could write about projects you are doing, a field trip you went on, activities you’re doing as a class, etc. These can be easily shared so that parents and family members are able to see what is going on in the classroom.

There’s Another Side to Twitter?

I am not new to Twitter, I have been using it for a few years. However, the way I was using it before, was nowhere near how I am using it for this class. I was on a completely different end of twitter, the Twitter with funny memes and all types of jokes. For this class, I made a new Twitter so that I could experience a different side of it. I did not realize how helpful the educational side of Twitter was. I just thought Twitter was a funny app that I go to in order to get a few laughs. I have started following other people in the ECMP 355 class who share many interesting ideas and resources.

I was also introduced to the new idea of the TweetDeck. I had never heard of this before and found it really interesting. I had no idea that you could even do that on Twitter. Through the TweetDeck, we joined in on the Saskedchat. I knew that people communicated in this type of way through Twitter, but I had no idea that there could be so many people participating all at once. I thought that this was a really great idea to get people involved in discussing different ideas in education.

I think that Twitter in the classroom could be very beneficial and a great way to get students engaged. If you had older students in the classroom, it would be a good idea to have your own version of the Saskedchat during class as a way to get the whole class participating and sharing their ideas. It could also be helpful to have a classroom Twitter page as a way to keep parents updated with what is happening in the classroom.

What is this Feedly you speak of?

I got a Feedly account to see what it was all about. I just simply typed into the search bar “education” to see what would come up. I noticed that there was a TED Education page, so I subscribed to that. I also subscribed to Edutopia RSS and Education: NPR. As shown in my screenshot posted below, there are many good posts that I can learn from. Many of the ideas talked about in the posts we have discussed in past education classes, so I am able to understand most of it. There are many good ideas that are in the posts. Ideas that I could potentially bring into my future classrooms, as well as things to think about with my future students.

I didn’t even know that Feedly or anything else like it existed. I think that this app will actually be quite helpful for ideas and for things to think about. I will certainly be finding more Blogs to subscribe to and will definitely be sending more time on this app!

Introductory Blog!

Hi, I’m Darian Kaszas (picture of me). I am going into my third year of university in the Elementary Education at the University of Regina. I have not had many lessons on technology as I have grown up with it, so this class, along with many other classes are teaching me a lot. I looked at technology in a negative way as it is taking away many other things that are to offer. However, since technology is only advancing, we as teachers need to learn to deal with it. These technology lessons have taught me a lot about how we can bring it into the classroom and also teach our students how to use it in safe ways. I think that my view on technology is becoming more positive after all of the lessons I have had in this class already and other classes.

I have recently been introduced to the blogging world. I think that it is really great in a way that we can go and see what everyone else has to say. Especially in all of our Education classes, blogging is a great way to be able to share our ideas and experiences with others. In the future, I could see myself blogging with my students in order to show parents what we are doing in the class.

With this ECMP class, we are now using Twitter, so my Twitter profile is here! We are using Twitter to show the progress that we have made in this class, as well as some of the ideas that come to me during this semester!

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