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Darian Kaszas


I have learned a lot and come a very long with the cello (or at least I’d like to believe so). I think that this Learning Project was very beneficial as to showing us different ways to teach ourselves using the internet. I am really glad that we had the opportunity to do this project, as it was very fun, and I got to do what I love, which is play music. Even though I didn’t get very far with my cello in the last month, I am proud of where I got. I even bought myself a cheap used cello so I can continue practicing and I’ll be a professional very soon… wait on it.

I am very glad to have been given this awesome opportunity and I think it was an amazing learning experience!!


The Saints Are Going To Be Marching OUT When They Hear This…

This week, my main concern was again the short notes. I thought that I had those pretty under control a few weeks ago when I learned ‘Bingo’. Apparently, when I sat down to learn ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’, I somehow got either slightly worse, or stayed the same. I wanted to do this one to continue practicing those faster notes. This piece also has different types of notes that I haven’t really practiced yet such as tied notes and accented notes. I wanted to try and challenge myself for the last song. I definitely did not do the greatest, but on the bright side, I left room for improvement. For this week, I actually just used a Google Image of this song. It worked completely fine. I could not find this song and not have to pay for it, so I figured a Google Image would do just fine.

This is my video of ‘When The Saints Go Marching In”. Hopefully I will improve from this.

Not So Amazing, Not So Graceful

This week I tried something slightly more difficult. I have been having trouble with holding longer notes, like half notes or whole notes. I wanted to choose a slower song this week so that I could practice those. When I am stroking the bow across the strings for more than two counts usually I start to get very shaky, or I begin moving the bow diagonally. This always make the sound squeak or just sound terrible. Choosing this piece to play this week, I think that it has for sure helped me improve holding notes for a longer period of time.

This is my video of me playing ‘Amazing Grace’. I found this song on a Cello Sheet Music site. It is obviously not perfect yet, but this is the LEARNING project, so I’m getting there. I see myself making improvements every week!

B-I-N-G- NO!

 I chose everyone’s favourite childhood song and destroyed it this week. I wanted to try something that I thought was easy. It wasn’t too hard note wise, I just had a lot of trouble moving my fingers so quickly. I also have a habit of moving my bow diagonally when I have quicker notes. In this video, I am obviously not too great, I just wanted to get used to playing some quicker notes. This video is after I had practiced a lot. I am actually getting quite frustrated with learning the cello. I usually have an easy time with my other stringed instruments. Usually you just have to remember the strumming pattern. Although I do love the cello because you can just read the music, you don’t need any strumming patterns. I just find it so much more difficult using a bow. The cello is one of those instruments that only sounds really good when the player is really good. So I’m hoping one night soon while I’m sleeping, I become a professional cello player.

Here is my video to BINGO. I am obviously going to continue working on moving notes much more quickly. I think that this is a good beginning place to be though. I got this sheet music from Cello Sheet Music. I did modify it a little bit so that I was able to play it a little bit better.


Well, I really thought I was going to hate these spring classes, but I WAS WRONG. I really think that this class has helped me so much and prepared me in many ways for when I become a teacher. ECMP 355 was always extremely engaging and I was always ready to learn. I think that this class really made me think a lot about the things that I am doing online. It also made me think about what I’ll expect from my students when they go online. I think that it is very beneficial for me to be thinking about these ideas now rather than when I get thrown into a classroom and everything hits me like a train. I now know how important this class was for me, and how important it will be to my future students when we discuss these topics.

I did my summary of learning project with Noah Smith, we discussed all that we have learned throughout this semester. I am extremely glad that this class is available for students to take at the U of R as it truly gives you a whole different mindset towards technology.

I Appreciate You All

SO I have a little issue here. We are supposed to be sharing our comments on other people’s posts in this blog post. I seemed to have forgotten who’s posts I have been commenting on. I know that I did comment on several posts, but can no longer find them. I did find one and remember it however (screenshot down below).

I really enjoyed this class due to everyone’s support with blog posts. I find it so amazing that we can all comment and help each other out. We’re like a big family, and we don’t even know each other. That’s really nice. I feel though that by doing blog posts, it opens up a whole new world. For me, if this were in class and we were sharing our learning project experiences, I would be too shy to help anyone out. For example, people that were learning certain instruments, I was able to comment on their blogs and share the resources I have learned from since I have a good background in music. I feel as though doing it online makes it so much easier and less nerve racking for me.

I enjoyed getting everyone else’s feedback on my blog posts. There were always those critical comments that made me go back and reflect on my entire life, but they are very good as they made me think differently. I really do appreciate the blog post “community” and how everyone is extremely connected and supported in that way.

We Should All Probably Become Activists

Social activism is obviously very important. Now that we are all so surrounded by technology, I think that social media is a very good place to share awareness to certain views and ideas. As teachers, if we are not posting about important matters and we are not being activists in some sort of way, we are ultimately showing our students that the matters are okay with us. Considering there are so many people on social media, it would be extremely helpful to stand up about certain issues such as racism. By staying silent, nothing will happen to the issue. Since our future students will all have social media of some sort, we need to teach them to use it in a way like activism, rather than a way to put others down, or even do nothing. We all have a large connection with the world through social media and technology, so it is extremely important that we take advantage of that and use it wisely.

Not Sure How This Cat Game Works…

This week, I tried out Scratch to see if I was able to do it, or if was simple. I think that it was really simple, but I still seemed to have trouble with it. I am not very technologically advanced, so I was slightly confused. I just made my cat run and spin around the screen while meowing basically. Even that, which seems to be the smallest task took me forever. I also needed to watch the tutorial side bar a few times (which was actually very helpful when you payed attention to them). I had a lot of trouble uploading a recording for my cat to say. I uploaded one of a child screaming really loud. I thought it was hilarious but it wouldn’t work to transfer over to my cat. Sorry I couldn’t make anyone deaf with that today. I think that I would like this website and it could be really helpful if I took some more time to get the hang of it. Even though I was playing around with the site for a long time, I personally was not picking it up very quickly. I think that this site would be very good and fun for students to learn about coding. There is definitely a lot of enjoyment that could come of this site.

We Should Probably Educate Our Students On Digital Citizenship

After watching videos that revolve around the ideas of the internet and how to be safe, I am able to understand even more why this is so important for students to learn about. The two videos that impacted me the most were the TED Talk and the documentary on Amanda Todd. These videos really showed the impact that the internet can make on a person depending on the way that it is used.  As for the victims in the two videos, what they were doing online was not the best choice. They each made a choice that should not have been put online. These choices therefore ruined their digital identities. The tweet that was made by Justine Sacco, caused her to lose her job. As for Amanda Todd, her choice that she made online caused her to be blackmailed for a long period of time. These videos are very good to learn from as they cause us to think differently. These videos made me think differently about how I was going to teach this tricky topic to my future students. We all obviously want our students to be safe, so we need to educate them well about the uses of technology.

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