After watching videos that revolve around the ideas of the internet and how to be safe, I am able to understand even more why this is so important for students to learn about. The two videos that impacted me the most were the TED Talk and the documentary on Amanda Todd. These videos really showed the impact that the internet can make on a person depending on the way that it is used.  As for the victims in the two videos, what they were doing online was not the best choice. They each made a choice that should not have been put online. These choices therefore ruined their digital identities. The tweet that was made by Justine Sacco, caused her to lose her job. As for Amanda Todd, her choice that she made online caused her to be blackmailed for a long period of time. These videos are very good to learn from as they cause us to think differently. These videos made me think differently about how I was going to teach this tricky topic to my future students. We all obviously want our students to be safe, so we need to educate them well about the uses of technology.