This week, I tried out Scratch to see if I was able to do it, or if was simple. I think that it was really simple, but I still seemed to have trouble with it. I am not very technologically advanced, so I was slightly confused. I just made my cat run and spin around the screen while meowing basically. Even that, which seems to be the smallest task took me forever. I also needed to watch the tutorial side bar a few times (which was actually very helpful when you payed attention to them). I had a lot of trouble uploading a recording for my cat to say. I uploaded one of a child screaming really loud. I thought it was hilarious but it wouldn’t work to transfer over to my cat. Sorry I couldn’t make anyone deaf with that today. I think that I would like this website and it could be really helpful if I took some more time to get the hang of it. Even though I was playing around with the site for a long time, I personally was not picking it up very quickly. I think that this site would be very good and fun for students to learn about coding. There is definitely a lot of enjoyment that could come of this site.