Well, I really thought I was going to hate these spring classes, but I WAS WRONG. I really think that this class has helped me so much and prepared me in many ways for when I become a teacher. ECMP 355 was always extremely engaging and I was always ready to learn. I think that this class really made me think a lot about the things that I am doing online. It also made me think about what I’ll expect from my students when they go online. I think that it is very beneficial for me to be thinking about these ideas now rather than when I get thrown into a classroom and everything hits me like a train. I now know how important this class was for me, and how important it will be to my future students when we discuss these topics.

I did my summary of learning project with Noah Smith, we discussed all that we have learned throughout this semester. I am extremely glad that this class is available for students to take at the U of R as it truly gives you a whole different mindset towards technology.