Most students that we work with now are digital citizens as they all use technology and most have social media accounts. This is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on how we teach students about digital citizenship. Digital citizenship was somewhat brought up to me when I was in high school, but not enough to make an impact on myself or my peers. Obviously I have been keeping a pretty safe and appropriate digital citizenship, but that is not due to my schooling. A challenge that I see with schools teaching about digital citizenship, is that there is not enough time spent on the topic. It is easy for teachers to tell their students to be safe online and not post anything offensive or completely ridiculous. There needs to be a chunk of time that is spent with this. This topic doesn’t need to be its own subject, you can incorporate digital citizenship into almost anything. Students need to be able to actually practice and learn about what digital citizenship is, and how they can become effective citizens. It is very important that our students know how to be good digital citizens as we are now all consumed by technology.