I chose everyone’s favourite childhood song and destroyed it this week. I wanted to try something that I thought was easy. It wasn’t too hard note wise, I just had a lot of trouble moving my fingers so quickly. I also have a habit of moving my bow diagonally when I have quicker notes. In this video, I am obviously not too great, I just wanted to get used to playing some quicker notes. This video is after I had practiced a lot. I am actually getting quite frustrated with learning the cello. I usually have an easy time with my other stringed instruments. Usually you just have to remember the strumming pattern. Although I do love the cello because you can just read the music, you don’t need any strumming patterns. I just find it so much more difficult using a bow. The cello is one of those instruments that only sounds really good when the player is really good. So I’m hoping one night soon while I’m sleeping, I become a professional cello player.

Here is my video to BINGO. I am obviously going to continue working on moving notes much more quickly. I think that this is a good beginning place to be though. I got this sheet music from Cello Sheet Music. I did modify it a little bit so that I was able to play it a little bit better.