SO I have a little issue here. We are supposed to be sharing our comments on other people’s posts in this blog post. I seemed to have forgotten who’s posts I have been commenting on. I know that I did comment on several posts, but can no longer find them. I did find one and remember it however (screenshot down below).

I really enjoyed this class due to everyone’s support with blog posts. I find it so amazing that we can all comment and help each other out. We’re like a big family, and we don’t even know each other. That’s really nice. I feel though that by doing blog posts, it opens up a whole new world. For me, if this were in class and we were sharing our learning project experiences, I would be too shy to help anyone out. For example, people that were learning certain instruments, I was able to comment on their blogs and share the resources I have learned from since I have a good background in music. I feel as though doing it online makes it so much easier and less nerve racking for me.

I enjoyed getting everyone else’s feedback on my blog posts. There were always those critical comments that made me go back and reflect on my entire life, but they are very good as they made me think differently. I really do appreciate the blog post “community” and how everyone is extremely connected and supported in that way.