When told to Google myself during class, I had a minor heart attack. I was definitely afraid of what might pop up. Not that I post anything inappropriate or mean, I just did not want to be reminded of the statuses I posted to Facebook back in grade 9. Fortunately, those statuses were not what popped up. Basically, when I Google myself, my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress websites come up. I am private on most of these social media platforms anyways, so I feel as though I don’t need to worry too much. When I Google Image myself, there are a few pictures of me, like four at most. The majority of the other images are of Hedley. Which I can say I am proud of, as I have been the biggest Hedley fan since I was in grade three. I’m assuming that the Hedley pictures are ones that I have posted or Pinned somewhere.

As for being a future teacher, I would not say that I am too worried about what my students or colleagues would be able to find. I have never posted anything inappropriate or hateful. There may be some things that are embarrassing to myself, as I was a child when I posted them, but nothing that I could get in trouble for or questioned about. I will obviously work on getting rid of the posts that my grade nine self posted, but I am not too worried about what is on the internet.