This week I basically did the same thing. I played Jingle Bells again, although this time, I used that annoying bow that no one likes. I enjoy telling myself that I have gotten much better and I am now a professional, however, I am still decently bad. I used the same image of Jingle Bells as I used last week. This time I just used the bow instead of finger picking. I’m not sure if I am better at finger picking or using the bow, I just know that I most definitely need improvement. I am having a lot of trouble playing the cello because of the fact that there are no fretts. Basically you just need to guess where your fingers go and hope it sounds right. Obviously, in the video below, you can tell that I’m having some trouble with this as the notes sound off. On the bright side, I have made improvement using the bow and I am almost super good at the cello (except not really).