The new culture of participation is definitely different from what I am used to, and from what I grew up with. In Wesch’s video that we watched, it involved people from all over the world singing and dancing to the same song. Although this technically is active participating, I feel as though it isn’t. When people are uploading videos of themselves singing or dancing to the song, they are participating, but maybe not in a meaningful way. From my own experiences of people I know, when there are opportunities to participate online like this, it doesn’t always go the way it should. I know many people who participate in these ideas by uploading videos for the attention, for the likes, and because it is the trend at that time. Basically to fit in and be noticed. For my future classroom, I feel as though this may be a good way of participation for those who are too shy or uncomfortable to speak or do a task in front of the class. Unfortunately, many children are more confident behind a screen, so this could work. It would also be a good lesson as to learning about what ‘real’ participation could be and what ‘attention seeking’ could be. In my opinion, these ideas are good to get people from all over the world to interact and come together, however, in many cases it is for the ‘likes’ and attention. As for schools in general, again, this could be used to get everyone involved. I personally do not think that this would be the best possible way to get everyone involved, but considering how far technology is progressing, this may be a good way to encourage participation in the near future.