So I have recently learned Jingle Bells at the beginning of June. Let’s just say my family isn’t too fond of me learning the cello anymore. My mom encourages me to try something else. BUT WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC ALL YEAR AROUND? Well I don’t actually think anyone does, but I have to learn something, don’t I? Jingle bells was bit of a challenge for me, for sure. Usually when I learn other instruments, that’s the first and easiest song I go to. This one I needed a lot of practice for. I still cannot get used to using the bow. It’s so annoying to me. I’m also extremely annoyed with the fact that there are no frets on a cello. It’s tough having to estimate where your fingers should go and decide whether it’s the right note. With that, I have also been getting a lot of good practice just finger picking. The main reason I even wanted to learn the cello was because of Danny Kenyon from The Dead South (a local Regina band if you don’t know). He mainly finger picks in their songs, so I will too because apparently it’s okay. As long as Danny finger picks, I’ll finger pick. Basically, my goal when the semester is done is to finger pick a song by The Dead South, so really, I might as well just toss the bow now.

Anyways, these past few weeks I have used a few videos, but I also dug up an old beginner cello book in my music container. I know we’re supposed to learn online, but the book really helped me. I tried finding something similar to the book online since that’s what worked best for me. I’m sure you’re all as surprised as I am… I didn’t find anything like it that was free. I basically just then went from my book, figured out what beginner songs I should look to play. I then would just google that song and then find a PDF version of it. I would then also watch a YouTube video on it to see if I was sounding decent.

Overall, I have definitely made some progress. Here is my attempt at Jingle Bells (my apologies for the bad quality and greebly looking fingers)…