Since this is the first learning project post, I have not yet mastered the cello. I have experience with reading music and playing other stringed instruments already, so I was able to just jump right to the playing. The first mistake I made once I got my cello, was not reading how to properly tune it and I snapped a string. Once I replaced the string, I was pretty scared to try and play the cello again. I was on YouTube trying to see how to tune my cello the CORRECT way and was good to go!

Since I am already pretty familiar with playing stringed instruments and reading music, I didn’t have to waste time on that. I looked up fingering charts on how to play the different notes. I began finger picking all of the strings and getting used to playing a huge instrument.

The next thing I did was YouTube how to use the bow and what that thing was even for. I play the guitar and ukulele, so I had no idea what to do with the long stick. I have now been able to play basic songs using just the open strings. Once I got the open strings figured out, I then learned how to play and E and an F# on the D string.

I have definitely made progress and I’ll see how much farther I get for next week!