In my schooling, all that I heard were single stories. All the stories that I was told in school was from a white person’s point of view. In my elementary school, it was not common to have a non-white person. As I got into high school, this changed drastically.  My parents were always good with letting my brother know about the other side of the single stories that we were told at school. Although my parents are also white, they had much more to inform us about other cultures than we ever learned in schools. My dad being a travel agent, has been all over the world. Again, although he is still white and is not a different culture as any of my teachers were, he still has taught me way more than they ever did. Growing up, my teacher’s single stories mainly consisted of telling us about how poor everyone in Africa is and how we should all feel bad for them. When my brother or myself would go home and share this new information, my dad would shut it down quickly. Even though he is not from Africa or any of the other places we “learned” about in school, he still knew a lot more due to his experiences in these places than my teachers ever did. All through elementary school, my parents tried to make these single stories more realistic for my brother and I. Once I got into high school, it was a much more diverse place, so students would let us know when the single stories were untrue or if we were misunderstanding them. If it was not for the students in my high school however, the single stories would still be misunderstood and for the most part, untrue. So basically all through my schooling years, teachers did not do a great job of teaching us about biases in the world or even about different cultures as all their single stories were definitely misunderstood.