In my schooling the amount of citizenship education we had was very little. I always had teachers telling myself along with other classmates that we need to be good citizens. With this, we would sometimes pick up garbage on Earth day, donate money for the Terry Fox run and also go for a walk. We would also have bake sales that went to something, but I couldn’t tell you what. Many people discuss that the SRC in their school helped them with citizenship. In my school however, SRC was basically just the students who wanted to suck up to the teachers. No one even payed attention to the SRC as they did nothing for the school.

Teachers drilled it into our brains that we all needed to become good citizens and volunteer and give all of our money to charities. After all of those experiences however, I just learned that volunteering is almost selfish. I became disgusted at the fact that teachers only wanted us to volunteer so we looked good. Not because we wanted to, or felt that it was right. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel that volunteering is good. But teachers made me feel as though volunteering was selfish because of the fact that we were doing it to make ourselves look good and feel like good citizens. However, volunteering to me is not about making myself feel good, but about making those I’m helping feel good. I wish overall, that my school experience with learning to become a good citizen didn’t make me think that way about volunteering.