Well, this is a tough topic to try and teach certain students about. I know in my own schooling experience, I had several classmates that insisted Treaty Education is useless and that we are wasting our time. With this, we never really did learn much on treaty education. Now being in university, I have a lot more knowledge and experience. I think that there are many good resources and activities for your students. Something that I had never even heard of until university was the Blanket Exercise. This really opened my eyes as to how important FNMI people are to our history, and how much we really need to learn about all of this. There are many documentaries about Treaty Education or FNMI that could engage your students and also give them lots of information. Recently, I listened to a teacher from Moose Jaw named Claire Kruger. She is a wonderful guest speaker and if you could find a way for your students to be able to listen to her, they could come out with different opinions of the importance of Treaty Education.