Before: I think the curriculum for schools is obviously decided by the government. I believe that there are probably some teachers or people with educational experience to help guide what the curriculum may look like. At the end of the day, it is the government’s say and what they would like students to learn.

After: The curriculum is decided by the provincial government. This is a big issue because of the fact that the people deciding the curriculum, are the ones that have not been in a classroom since they probably went to school. It is concerning that the students, teachers, parents, principles, etc. do not have a say in what the students learn. It surprises me that there is not much say from the people who are impacted by this the most. It really opens my eyes to see that this may be a much larger problem than I thought it could be. In fact, I always assumed the government had the say in what went into the curriculum, however, I have never thought deeply into it.