The way that I was trained to know was a “good” student is, is not right on all levels. Throughout school, the “good” students were always in class early, at the front of the classroom, very engaged in the lessons and class discussions, always had the answers to every question, finished homework on time or even way in advance, always nice to the teacher (basically a suck up), etc. I think that these qualities obviously make you a good student, but even if you do not have these qualities, or show these qualities, you can still be a good student.

I think that there are students that are privileged by the definition of being a good student. I think those who naturally excel in certain subjects are considered the good students. When I would take a physics, chemistry or math class I would not understand what was going on. Those students that always had their hands up and got good marks on the test were just considered the “good students” in my eyes. In music and band classes, my close friends would consider me as a “try hard” or the “good” student, or even a suck up because music was just something that naturally came easy to me. I have never done well in maths and sciences, but music and art were always my strong areas. Now that I think about it, I was just thinking of those who were good at math and science in the same way that my friends saw me with music. It doesn’t mean that I was a better student than anyone, it was just that it was easy for me. I think that those who excel in certain subjects are more likely to be considered a “good” student.

It is hard for those who have a common sense about the “good” students like I did, to picture others being a good student. For example, someone coming from a different country that does not speak much English could be considered (to some people) a bad student. Obviously just because they do not speak perfect English, does not mean that they are not a good student. It may be hard for those who have already developed that common sense to see that though. It could also be difficult to change the common sense for everyone to understand that the “good” student isn’t necessarily the good student shown in all the movies, and that anyone can be a good student, they just show it in different ways.