My name is Darian Kaszas! I am going into my last year in the faculty of Education! Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to become a teacher. So many things outside of school that I did, were focusing on becoming a teacher. I worked as a counselor at several camps, babysat, worked at the curling rinks teaching children how to curl, I also got a fantastic job at a daycare where I have been working for over four years. I tried to get myself as involved with as many kids and their activities as I could! In 2017, I also became a Big Sister in the Big Brothers of Regina Program! It is very exciting being able to be a support and role model for my little sister. After all these experiences, my love for children keeps getting stronger and being a teacher is something I really look forward to. 

     I have always been involved in after school activities, and absolutely love being involved with as many different groups and activities as I can! For about seven years (elementary school and high school), my main focus was on band and all music in general. I have always had a passion for music! I have been in band now for eleven years, and I am in the University of Regina concert band as well! I play saxophone, French Horn, ukulele, guitar, piano and I am working on the cello and trumpet! Music was always a way that I was able to express myself, so I always keep it very close to me and I hope to be able to bring it into my future classrooms. 

     My goals for the future are being able to be like the teachers I have always looked up to! They always had their students excited to learn, and to just be at school in general. I want nothing more than for my students to feel welcomed and loved, and to love being at school. I want to make a great impact on my students’ lives. Another goal of mine as a teacher is to get a teaching opportunity somewhere else in the world. I have a passion for travelling and it is my biggest dream to be able to teach in another country, or several other countries across the world.